senior Management

Alex Willson



Alex Willson, who is also a Director of eCommodities PLC, is the Executive General Manager of eCommodities PLC.

Alex has a strong track record and proven success in many early stage, entrepreneurial natural resources businesses during a 30 year career.

Alex harnesses sound strategic vision and couples this focus with an in depth operational understanding. Time after time this application of reasoned, evidence based processes has helped him achieve targeted outcomes in the face of incomplete information.

Alex has impeccable risk management skills and a clear understanding of how best to capture idiosyncratic commodity return streams, especially those generated by short term dynamic relative value trading; particularly in precious metals, base metals and energy.

Alex's prior positions were held at Minemet/Entores, AMT, AIOC, Dean Witter and Colonial Commodities.

Lars H. Steffensen



Lars H. Steffensen, who is also a Director of eCommodities PLC, is the General Manager, Corporate Strategy & Strategic Shareholdings of eCommodities PLC.

Lars is the former Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner and Managing Director of the Ebullio Group.

Lars has 33 years of experience in the commodity industry joining Entores (Metals Brokers) Ltd., London in 1986 and has since then worked for various household names in the metals and commodity industry (Gerald Metals, Philipp & Lion, Axel Johnson Resources, Copenhagen Ore & Metals and Next Energy) in London, Hong Kong, Lugano, Copenhagen, New York and Newport Beach, CA. 

Along the way, Lars has found the time to be educated in Law and Theology at the University of Aarhus, Denmark and one day Lars really needs to find the time to graduate.

Lars has previously held a US NFA/CFTC series 3 and 30 license and has also previously held UK FCA CF10, CF11, CF3, CF30 and CF4 licenses.

Lars has dedicated much time in his life to charity work, mainly involving the Danish and British Armed Forces and is currently Vice-Chairman of The Anders Lassen VC Society, which benefits the British 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), the Danish Jaegerkorps (Paratroop Regiment) and the Danish Naval Special Operations Forces.

Lars has also for many years been an Ambassador for the Fly Navy Heritage Trust.

Should you wish to join Lars in supporting these great causes, please see:

Lars' great hero is Sir Winston Churchill.

Senior Mining Management

Alex Merenda MSc BSc


Alex Merenda is the Chief Mining Engineer of eCommodities PLC.


Alex is a part of the Management Team running our existing mines and evaluating future projects as well as participating in the on-going discussions and negotiations with future partners/acquisition targets.

In addition,  Alex coordinates with other operational partners in creating project plans, mining plans and Bankable Feasibility Studies on projects in base and precious metals.

Alex has a Master's in Mining Geology from Camborne School of Mines and a Bachelor's in Geology from Royal Holloway University of London. 

He has  a thorough understanding of ore body formation and exploration as well as mining techniques and  processes used to extract ore.

 As part of Alex's Masters, he also spent time in Sierra Leone working with an exploration company. 


Alex previously held a position as a Remediation Engineer for LEE Remediation.



Senior consultants

Arnaldo Rotenberg


Arnaldo Rotenberg is a Senior Consultant, Iberian Peninsula Mining (Gold and Copper), to eCommodities PLC.  

Arnaldo is based in Cascais, just outside Lisbon, Portugal.

Having worked and lived on four different continents for amongst others Petrobras and London & Capital, Arnaldo has long experience in negotiating commodity conracts in the international arena, understanding well the cultural differences and reigning mentality existing in different continents and countries. 

Arnaldo has very strong mathematics background and achieving goals due to his facility in communicating with different types of people worldwide. 

Arnaldo fluently speaks four languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese (native tongue).

Arnaldo graduated in Engineering and holds and MBA in Canada. Arnaldo also holds the IMC certificate as well as the FPC I, II and III.


Arnaldo has a special interest in Eastern cultures, have practiced yoga for the last 15 years and supports social and political causes in Brazil, his country of origin.

Jay Croslegh



Jay Croslegh is a Senior Consultant, Gold and Base Metals Operations to eCommodities PLC.


Jay is an experienced manager in base and precious metals mining and has been involved with the eCommodities PLC mining assets and clean mining technology since 2009. 


Today he is the Consulting Manager, Gold and Base Metals Operations for eCommodities and is primarily tasked with gold production at the Pericles Gold Mine in Ghana and the development of the larger Kingsdown Gold mine, also Ghana. 

Jay has also spent much time on (and in-country with) our Turkish assets and is intimately familiar with the unique challenges and complexities they entail.


Jay has a background in the British Army and has previously held executive positions in specialized security firms.


Jay is also a director of Mercury Metals and a project director at PKL Consulting.


Jay has dedicated much time to charities benefitting the British Armed Forces.